Leadership and Governance

At Cann Hall Primary School, we have a Local Governing Body that is a delegated committee of the Board of Trustees for the CHANGE Schools Partnership (Multi-Academy Trust):

Board of Trustees  
Chair of the Board Bruce Hanley
Vice Chair of the Board Sarah Garner
Trustee Beth Gask
Trustee Paul Heavers
Trustee James Saunders
Trustee Robin Whitworth
Trustee Sarah Garner
Trustee (Chief Executive Officer) Stuart Ellis
Trustee (Chief Operating Officer) Cris Edwards

In addition there are Members who oversee the work of the Trust:

Member Mike Baker
Member Alison Fiala
Member Philip Heady


Local Governing Body  
Chair of Governors Robin Whitworth
Vice Chair of Governors Emma Breeze
Governor Tracey Caffull
Governor Nicola King
Governor Gillian Last
Governor Kelly Pryor
Governor Justin Wrench 
Governor Christopher Vincent
Governor Craig Pryer
Governor Karen Sinclair

Our constitution is flexible based on the needs of the school and the skills of individual governors. However, at least two members of the local governing body will have children attending the school.